First look

First look

Driplane include a simple language to define where to get the stream and what operation to exec, or how to filter the data.

In the rule could be defined 3 type of nodes:

  • FEEDER : it is the node responsible for creating of a stream of data (it reads every changes on a file, gets tweets from Twitter, etc..)

  • FILTER : it receives data from a feeder or another filter and checks some conditions on them or makes some changes on them. It sends the data to the next filter ONLY if the condition is verified.

  • RULE CALL : every rule has a name, so you can define a rule with a preset feeder or a pipe of filters and connect them to another filter/feeder.

It is possible to define custom parameters for feeders or filters. Each one of them has a different type of parameters that can change their behaviour and you can find a list of them in the related section.

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