This filter searches or extracts strings from the received Message. It can be used with a regular expression or a simple string.
If the string is found, the condition is matched and the Message is propagated to the next filter.


targetSTRING“main”the field of the Message that should be used for the filter (it could be main or and extra field)
regexpBOOLfalsethe pattern field is a regular expression
extractBOOL“false”if “true” the main field of the propagated Message will contain the extracted string (it can be used only if regexp parameter is set true)
patternSTRINGemptyspecifies the pattern that should be matched on the Message to check the condition
... | text(target="description", pattern="(#[^\\s]+)", regexp="true", extract="true") | ...


If the extract parameter is “false”, the received Message will be propagated only if the specified pattern is matched in the target field of the Message.
Otherwise if extract is “true” (only regexp can be used in this case), and one or more strings matches with the pattern, the main field of the propagated Message will contain only the matched string.

If the extract parameter is “true” and the message is propagated, a new extra field is created: fulltext will contain the original target string.

If the targeted field contains multiple matches, the filter will create and propagate multiple Messages, one for each matched string.


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