This filter allows you to send an e-mail. When a Message arrives to the filter, we can decide if use the main field of the Message as URL on the request, or its content for the HTTP data.
This behaviour can be handled with the parameters.


bodySTRINGemptythe body of the e-mail (supports Golang templates)
usernameSTRINGemptyusername for the host authentication
passwordSTRINGemptypassword for the host authentication
hostSTRINGemptyhost server used to send the e-mail
portSTRINGemptyport of the host server
fromAddrSTRINGemptysource e-mail address
fromNameSTRINGemptysource name address
toSTRINGemptydestination e-mail address (supports multi-destination, comma separated)
subjectSTRINGemptysubject field of the e-mail to send
use_authBOOL“false”if “true” the sendmail server will receive the credentials specified in username and password fields
... | http(url="{{ .main }}", cookies="exported.json", headers="{\"Content-type\": \"application/json\"}") | ...
Every default’s value can be set in the configuration, creating a section with the name of theFilter/Feeder.
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The input Message is always propagated to the next filter without changes.


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