This filter is used to extract information from an HTML page received through the Message.
Like jQuery for JS, we can set a selector to find in the page, extract text from the tags and the html content (we are using goquery library under the hood).


targetSTRING“main”the field of the Message that should be used for the filter (it could be main or an extra field)
selectorSTRING""the selector to find in the HTML page
getSTRING“html”what do we want to retrieve on the tags found in the selected one: html, text, attr
attrSTRING""if get is attr you can define what attr name it should extract
... | html(selector=".link", get="attr", attr="href") | ...


The filter will generate one or more Messages. It is possible to use more than 1 time this filter.
The field fulltext will contain the original target string.


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