This feeder creates a stream starting from a feed RSS, ATOM or JSON.
It is based on gofeed so you can refer to it for more info and supported formats.


urlSTRINGemptyURL of the feed
freqDURATION60show often the feed should be parsed
start_from_beginningBOOL“false”if “true” it starts to parse the feed from the beginning (the first time it will ignore the pubdate field of the feed)
ignore_pubdateBOOL“false”if “true” it ignores the pubdate and it returns all the feed content every time
... | <rss: url="https://example.rss", freq="5s", start_from_beginning="false"> | ...



The main field of the Message will contain the item.Title string of the gofeed.Item struct.


feed_titletitle of the feed (feed.Title)
feed_feedlinkfeed url (feed.FeedLink)
feed_updatedtime of the last update (feed.Updated)
feed_publisheddate of publication (feed.Published)
feed_authorauthor in the form name <e-mail> (feed.Author.Name)
feed_languagelanguage of the feed (feed.Language)
feed_copyrightcopyright (feed.Copyright)
feed_generatorgenerator used to create the feed (feed.Generator)

In addition to the feed tags, the Extra will also contain the item’s fields. Since they could be different from feed to feed and it is possible to configure custom tag, you will find all them in the extra with their name.

Not all the Extra field could be filled. If the relative tag is not present on the feed it will be empty.