This feeder creates a stream starting from emails received on the account read by an IMAP client. It is possible to define how often the email account should be checked.
Every time the email inbox is parsed a Message is sent down the lane.


hostSTRINGemptyHost of the IMAP server
portSTRINGemptyPort of the IMAP server
usernameSTRINGemptyUsername of the account
passwordSTRINGemptyPassword of the account
mailboxSTRING“INBOX”Name of the mailbox to read
freqDURATION“1m”how often the email account should be checked
start_from_beginningBOOL“true”if “true” it reads all the emails in the mailbox from the beginning
get_attachmentsBOOL“false”if “true” it reads also the attachments
... | <imap: host="", port="993", username="", password="xxxxx", get_attachments="true", freq="30m"> ...



The main field of the Message will contain the email’s subject.


fromList of the senders in the form Name
toList of the recipients in the form Name
reply_toList of address in the “Reply-To” header
in_reply_toParent Message-id
ccList of the CC Header Addresses in the form Name
bccList of the BCC Header Addresses in the form Name
senderMessage sender
message_idMessage-Id of the current email
dateMessage Date
subjectSubject of the email
is_attachmentIt is “true” if has the following 2 fields
attachment_filenameName of the attachment
attachment_bodyBinary content of the attachment
Not all the Extra field could be filled. If the relative tag is not present on the feed it will be empty.